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Yan Shou Gong is not newly created style or form of Chinese martial art (wu shu) but rather, it is a combination of movements from various schools of Chinese martial art. It is specially formatted for busy people of today who wish to practise Chinese wu shu for good health as well as a form of self-defence.

Yan Shou Gong is designed by two Malaysian Chinese martial art masters whose names are renowned in the Chinese martial art circle all over the world. They are the late Grandmaster Datuk Chee Kim Thong and his No. 1 disciple Master Yap Cheng Hai.

Seeing the vast number of people wishing to learn martial art but have neither the time nor perseverance for the rigorous discipline required, Master Yap saw the need for a simplified and more flexible form which should still bring the health benefits for the practitioners. He therefore proposed to Grandmaster Chee to format a new set of martial arts which combines selected movements from the various schools including Wu Ji Quan and Lohan Ruyi Quan passed down to Grandmaster Chee by the Shaolin monk, Grandmaster Yit Chaan. Together, they selected the movements carefully for their various benefits.

Chinese martial art movements are mostly very complex involving many sets of movements. for example, the Lohan Ruyi Quan contains 108 sets of movements. Each set again comprises minor sets of several movements. The Wu Ji Quan contains 36 sets movements and each sub-set consists of more than 10 movements. No wonder then that it takes an average student years to learn. It is one thing to memorise the movements and another to perfect them through the guidance by the masters and dedication to practice.

Yan Shou gong is formulated to eliminate the tedious learning process of having to follow fixed sets of movements and rigid sequence. It consists of sets which are each independent of the next and may be practised each on its own. Thus students may join in a class at any point but ultimately, will learn all the 36 sets. It is good for begineers and advanced learners alike.

Master Yap says: "Regularly practising Yan Shou Gong will serve to energise you and bring good health. There is no rigid sequence and although you may have learnt all the 36 sets of movements, you may select your favourite and practise only that daily. It is that flexible." Yan Shou Gong contains the essence of Chinese wu shu that Master Yap wishes to give to the world.


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