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Martial Art for Longevity


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The People Behind Martial Art for Longevity

The 36 Sets of Yan Shou Gong

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The People Behind Martial Art for Longevity

Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong

The Story of Yan Shou Gong began with a Shaolin monk, Grandmaster Yit Chaan who was a highly respected teacher of Shaolin Kungfu in China. Many were the disciples who learnt under him. Only when he was in his 90s did he decide to pass on the secret art, but only to a deserving student.

At that time, a youth named Chee Kim Thong from Xiamen in the Fujien Province in China was nationally reputed for his remarkable skills in martial arts. He was only 19 years old when he was selected to lead the Big Knife Army (popularly known as the 19th Regiment), a resistance force against the invading Japanese in the early 40s.

Grandmaster Yit Chaan sent forth his attendant monk to look for Chee to put him through so,e rigorous sparring in order to test his skill. Chee passed the test and became Grandmaster Yit Chaan's student. In the next four years, the old monk trained Chee in the two secret and advanced Shaolin techniques: Wu Ji Quan and Lohan RuyiQuan. Grandmaster Yit Chaan died in the 1940s when China was in the throes of the Japanese invasion.

Chee left China for Singapore to escape from the Japanese who looked upon him as their enemy because of his involvement in the Big Knife Army. He later travelled to Malaya (as Malaysia was called before its independence from the British) to live with his parents who settled in a small town called Dungun in Trengganu, an east coast state.

There, he established himself as a Chinese traditional physician, best known for curing rheumatism and even more so, for his remarkable ability in bone setting.


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