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How to Use the I-Ching Oracles  

With this book, you will be able to do your own divination and your friends’ too without having to go to temples or other diviners. You can carry this compact book with you wherever you go. The only other tool you need is a slim sharp object like an office pin. Everything has been made as simple as possible so that anyone may be able to use it, even the language is kept simple.

However, here are some words of advice. The I-Ching should not be used for frivolous purposes such as checking on other people’s business which is none of your concern e.g. while you may ask if your romance is going to result in marriage, you should not use it to find out if Jack is interested in Jill. Neither should you use it as a barometer for your spouse’s fidelity. However, if you are really facing marital problems, you may consult the I-Ching.

The accuracy of the oracles depends on how sincere your request is. Another important point is how you phrase your question; it must be specific and reasonable. For instance, instead of asking: “Will I be rich in the future?”, say “Will I enjoy financial wealth in the next three years?” Future is a long, long time and you could very well have lots of ups and downs in the years ahead of you.

Ask only once. Even if the answer is not to your liking, that’s the one for you. If you wish to ask again, do so only on another day. From my own experience, the answer is quite similar although the gua picked is of a different number. Also refer to “How to use this book for divination” on Page 11.

When reading the guas, reflect on the explanation more deeply especially on the Interpretation and Verse sections. Read between the lines to catch the more subtle answers. If your question concerns career, then seek your answer in the relevant section. The indication given in another section may not concur with it and thus cause you confusion.

The “Ailments” section indicates the parts of your body that are most vulnerable to illnesses and you should pay more attention to them. It does not mean every part mentioned is diseased or malfunctioning.

The I-Ching Oracles may be used by people of any race or creed. However, as it was originated by the Chinese, there are some features that may not apply for others such as the part under “Benefactors” whose names should incorporate some Chinese characters.

I am sure you will have a marvelous time with this book. Have fun!

Yap Cheng Hai


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